Tune Up Fitness – Therapy Ball PLUS Pair in Tote | Lacrosse Ball Upgrade – Massage Therapy Balls for Myofascial Release | Neck, Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Tension Relief, Physical Therapy

Price: $23.11 - $21.19

BETTER THAN A LACROSSE BALL FOR MASSAGE: with similar pressure as a lacrosse ball, the Therapy Ball PLUS is much more gentle, more compressible, & has more grip, allowing the muscles and nervous system to relax more deeply without causing soreness or bruising.
ON-DEMAND PAIN & TENSION RELIEF: works well as a shoulder, QL lower back massager, hamstring roller, & psoas muscle release tool. Effective for neck, upper & lower back pain relief, sciatica, & plantar fasciitis.
GREAT FOR PREWORKOUT & POSTWORKOUT MUSCLE RECOVERY: helps to warm up the muscles & improve range of motion & mobility fast, while mobilizing fluids along the spine & joints. When used post workout, the balls help muscle recovery and decrease soreness. Also helps to induce a deep relaxation response and supports deeper sleep.
USED BY TEACHERS & PRACTITIONERS WORLDWIDE: a key therapy ball set used in Jill Miller’s Roll Model Method & Yoga Tune Up fitness formats, used by over 500 certified teachers in yoga studios, gyms, physical therapy, & wellness centers across the globe.

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