Ulalov LAT Pull Down Bar with Handls, Pull Down Machine Attachments, 27in/70cm Bar with 880lbs Loading, Triceps Press Down Bar,Solid Steel Material with Rubber Handle for Home Gym or Exercise Club

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Product Description


Cable Exercise Machine Accessories

Which cable machine attachments are essential to have in your gym? Here are the five essential attachments?

V Handle with Rotation (Double D Handle)Rotating Straight BarV Shaped Press Down BarD HandlesAnkle straps

* Pros:

Full range of attachments availableUp to 880lbs of resistance very strong and durableRubber grips- much more comfortable than steel gripsSolid steel with polished chrome finish360-degree rotation shackles and knuckles allows more versatile movementsThe pieces are solid, not flimsy







V-Shaped Handle

This attachment is typically use on the seated exercise.360°Rotatable cable hole can applied to other exercises: face pulls, standing rows, close-grip lat pulldowns.

V Shaped Press Down Bar

V Shaped Press Down Bar is best used for exercises such as tricep pressdowns, face pulls, rope curls, and overhead extensions.

Rotating Steel Straight Bar

Straight bar is ideal for a variety of exercises including tricep pressdowns, bicep curls and upright / seated rows.







Single D Handles

Can be used by both arms for the balanced force to muscles in both sides, focus on triceps muscle and muscles on the back of upper arms.

Adjustable Ankle Straps

Made with a blend of neoprene and polyester, soft, thick and heavy duty.Used in various settings like cable machines, resistance trainers and other exercises like leg extensions and weighted training.

7Pcs Carabiner Clips

Made of premium quality stainless steel, can protect against corrosion but also extra sturdy.Can be used in many ways such as home gym, weight lifting machine, etc.


Some Customer Feedback:

The pieces are solid, not flimsy. The rubber in the handles also makes the grips easy to hold onto.Amazing set super heavy duty on or with any commercial equipmentA full set of attachments with high quality rubber sleevee on handles of metal devices, no scratches, all items new and individually wrapped with proper packaging. High quality devices made of decent weight metal, proper welds etc. Arrived early.Great pr ice for a full set of handlesThe quality of these products is outstanding and can be used in any professional gym. It is outstanding. The cost is reasonable and the product comes at a good time. Very solid. I really like it.I needed a plate pin for my homemade pulley cable system in my home gym. It makes it easier to load weights (I was weaving the cable through the hole in the plates before purchasing this). This is working well.


Perfect for building body,

Stronger triceps and grip strength,

Assisting muscles around triceps, biceps, elbows, wrists, back, abs and shoulders with different compound pushing exercises

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Good home gym cable addition

Easily attach to lat machine, ab machine, cable crossover, bowfle machine, Smith machine, power cage with lat pulldown or any pulley system to maximize your fitness ability.

Excellent for your home gyms, commercial use, fitness centers, shool weight rooms or any training facilities.



1x V Handle with Rotation1x Rotating Straight Bar1x V Shaped Press Down Bar2x D Handles2x Ankle Straps7x Carabiners Clips

Date First Available‏:‎June 9, 2021

【V Handle with Rotation(Double D Handle)】: Made of high-quality solid steel with textured surface for non-slip increase the secured and provides ergonomic & secured grip to your hands during workouts.360°Steel swivel is engineered to provide smooth continuous rotation under your workouts. The V handle size is 7.5*7*4.5 inches, diameter 0.5 inches hole can fit easily for most cable system.
【V Shaped Press Down Bar】: The Bar made with flat knobs,constructed of solid steel for more durability & shiny chrome finish for corrosion prevention; the rubber on handles provides a firm, non-slip grip while the flat knob ends keep your hands in place,Handle length 8.5 inches,diameter 0.5 inches hole can fit easily for most cable system.
【Rotating Steel Straight Bar】: The heavy steel straight bar is constructed with high-strength,solid stainless steel with polished chrome coating and textured handles,features rotating and swiveling center for more fluid motion; These LAT Bar length 20inches adopts a unique ergonomic bending design, which makes your wrist more comfortable during training, increases angle changes, and reduces the risk of wrist injury. Which is Ideal for fitness centers, home gyms or any training facilities.
【Single D Handles】: Constructed of heavy-duty steel with high polished chrome,finish with non-slip handle. Our product is great for a home gym workout. Ideal for developing your triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs and improving your grip strength. D Handles give you great grip, allow you to move more weight.
【Ankle Straps and Carabiner Clips】: Gym ankle straps have a D-shaped buckle design for a strong connection. The inner material of PP is comfortable. Gym ankle straps can be used with most standard cable systems, functional and resistance trainers.With Carabiners Clips, it can be compatible with most fitness equipment to achieve the purpose of various kinds of exercise and have a more healthy body

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