Unboxing the redliro under desk treadmill and first impressions

REDLIRO Under Desk treadmill 2 in 1(JK1608E-2).
Unboxing, overview of the content and first impressions.

The Folding Treadmills Has 2 Main Modes:
???? When the electric treadmill riser is folded, the maximum speed of the running belt of 4MPH and it becomes an under-the-desk treadmill
???? When the treadmill riser is risen the maximum speed will be of 7.5 MPH so you can run as normal.

In running mode you can control the treadmill by pressing the dashboard or remote control.
While when in walk mode, you’ll need to rely on the remote.

After a few weeks of usage I can say the treadmill is fairly quiet allowing me to use it in the evening without disturbing the neighbours.

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00:00 Introduction
00:22 Unboxing
02:15 Quick review of details
04:07 Goodies bag content
05:38 Startup and first checks
07:27 Walk and noise level
08:52 Noise check from walk to run mode
10:42 Final thoughts and use impressions
11:53 How to store it vertically ????

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