Virtual Run Sydney Bondi Beach Australia 4K Virtual Treadmill Run @TreadmillPack

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Let’s follow one of Sydney’s most iconic routes; the spectacular Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach coastal path. For the first 37 minutes we will check out Gordon’s Bay and four beaches. There are also 7 incline periods totaling almost 19 minutes. We then spend 23 minutes exploring Bondi, 13 of which are on Bondi Beach. Coastal Path Bondi Beach, Australia

Key Points
00:01 Title
00:19 Commence Running
20:23 Waverley Cemetery – 40 min. to go
30:21 Tamarama Beach – 30 min. to go
40:43 Bondi – 20 min. to go
45:21 Bondi Beach – 15 min. to go

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I run to these videos on my treadmill and elliptical in my garage, that is why I make them. I am now a runner is his 50s; I’m carrying a few injuries but I’m still going! If I don’t like the quality or I can’t run to the video I don’t post it!

Closed captions (CC)
The closed captions translations have been completed by Google translation; I apologise if there are any errors.

Video Quality: Filmed in 4K
Run Time: 60:00 minutes
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Camera: Gopro 8
Gimbal: Feiyu Tech G6
SD Card: SanDisk Extreme Pro 64gb MicroSD Micro SD SDXC. Class 10 V30 4K

As with all exercise programs, it is your choice to complete this session using common sense and at your own risk. It is up to you to modify this session to suite your individual health and fitness. To reduce and avoid a medical event, you should check with your Doctor before beginning an exercise program.

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