Virtual Running /Trail Running in the fall/RunningVideo for treadmill training /Virtual Run#running

Some of the video are duplicate due to beginner skills ? I ran 9Km but i make sure that this video will take you to your 5km goal 7mins Pace, easy run specially for the beginners..Enjoy the view.

Disclaimer, this video is only for entertainment purpose.Consult your health professional before starting any exercise program.By Using this video you agree is at your own risk and hold the creator harmless from any and all losses, liabilities ,injuries or damages resulting from any all claim.

Daily routine exercise and cardio with us.

Let me share with you my amazing life because of my beautiful Siberian Husky Sadi, whol always make me happy and want to be with me and never complain when we are on the trail no matter how long it take, on her age 4 she already had 3time half marathon with me??‍♀️?

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