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Virtual Running Video for treadmill 4k Ultra HD for personal use only.
Would you like to HELP SAVE A FOREST? ???? Not just any forest, Takayna, where trees are over 2500 years old, Species of plants and animals found nowhere else on earth. The Tarkine in Tasmania’s northwest is home to the 2nd Largest temperate rainforest in the world and is currently at risk from mining and deforestation. We need your help!!! ❤️
We are wild about this planet just as we are about running!
We are joining forces with a local runner in Tasmania, Australia who will be competing in the Takayna Trail 2024 in February. All money raised will go 100% towards the Bob Brown Foundation in aid to protect this land for generations to come.
You can make a difference! Every dollar helps and greatly appreciated! See links below for more info and how you can be part of history!

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Learn More about the Tarkine in Tasmania!

takayna / Tarkine

Learn about the Bob Brown Foundation


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This virtual run starts on Hobart’s River Derwent. An early morning jog following the riverbank along coastal tracks and beaches before heading onto the main road and up some single nature trails. The trail snakes up through the suburbs finally arriving at Mount Nelson Signal Station. Here you can see a panoramic view of the River Derwent and Hobart’s surrounding suburbs on this clear crisp morning.

Get close up to nature in 4K video and enjoy the run.

Virtual Running Adventures is filmed in 4K video. For those who want some adventure from the comforts of home or cannot get outdoors, or simply just want some motivation to get outside and explore.

**Viewers are strongly discouraged from using VRA videos while on exercise equipment such as a treadmill or similar device especially if you have coordination or vision issues.
If doing so, VRA takes no responsibility for any injury and is not liable. **Please use at your own risk.

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