VirtuFit Elite Smart Touch Treadmill Commercial

The VirtuFit Elite Smart Touch treadmill is a high-end treadmill. The treadmill is made of high quality and has extensive smart features which makes this treadmill a very varied and durable fitness device.
The treadmill has a spacious running surface of 140 x 46 cm and has an ergonomic design with a Rubber Shock Absorption damping system. The Smart Touch features a very sturdy frame with different grip options thanks to the side rails and handle bar.

Are you done working out? Then simply fold the treadmill thanks to the Soft Drop folding system and move it to where you want it.

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The Dutch fitness brand VirtuFit guarantees excellent quality. The fitness equipment of VirtuFit is made of high quality material and with a lot of attention to the design, the functionalities and the end user.

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