VR treadmill The EXIT SUIT will catch you if you fall backwards- exoskeleton for VR

Virtual Reality Immersion rig. The EXIT SUIT is a full-body force-feedback navigation and performance suit for VR

Feel the digital worlds you visit

Force-feedback motors or resistance in all limbs
Games engine control of player orientation – be physically moved by AI, other players or the physics engines of your environment
Gestural control – Physical movements are reflected by player navigation in game walk, fly, swim

London design company develop prototype mechanical exoskeleton that fully supports the moving human body in a wide range of positions. Fly, swim, walk or be weightless

The EXIT SUIT could be cut by anywhere in the world at relatively low cost
The EXIT SUIT is easy to assemble at home with basic tools
The EXIT SUIT drawings are easy to modify and customise at home
The EXIT SUIT system is modular: force-feedback limbs, base motor drives and other features can be added and taken away
We have code available to link all the suit’s systems to the games engine Unity

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