VT003F Vibration Plate | High Frequency 15-40Hz | 2 Amplitude Settings | Deep Tissue Activation | Potential Benefits: Muscle Tendon Ligament Nerve Bone Health, Circulation, Balance, Metabolism…

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Product Description

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[High Frequency / Low Amplitude]

VT003F vibration plate is a high frequency, low amplitude linear vibration plate. The wide range adjustable frequency from 15Hz to 40Hz, and the two-amplitude switch make VT003F a versatile whole body vibration machine suitable for various purposes.

High frequency vibration effectively drives energy deep into body tissues, achieving circulation improvement, soft tissue activation and other beneficial stimulations.

Research suggests high frequency vibration also helps increase bone density and improve metabolism.

vibration therapyvibration therapy

Vibration Plate TherapyVibration Plate Therapy

[Structure & Materials]

Two steel tube frames connected by four springs to form the skeleton of VT003F. The footplate and baseplate, made of new ABS material, mounted on the two steel frames. A DC motor and eccentric wheels assembly mounted beneath the footplate on the steel frame. The control panel box is mounted on the base plate.

[Vibration Mechanism]

The DC motor rotates the three pairs of eccentric wheels attached on the motor shaft. The rotation displaces the footplate on a circular pattern. The movement is regulated by the supporting springs to create desired linear vibration, mostly on the vertical direction, less on horizontal direction.

A microcontroller system commands motor rotation speed and direction, which determine the vibration frequency and amplitude.

Vibration Plate FeaturesVibration Plate Features

[Manual Control & Programs]

Vibration frequency and amplitude can be adjusted using control panel or remote control.

– Manual Control Mode

Vibration frequency:15Hz – 40Hz

Vibration amplitude: LOW or HIGH

Machine running session time:1 to 20 minutes (default: 10 minutes)

– Program Mode

Programmed Plays are 10 minute running sessions of gradual increase and decrease of frequency, combined with amplitude switch.

Three programs are designed for different presumed purposes.

P1 – Lo Amplitude: detox and relax

P2 – Hi Amplitude: cardio exercise

P3 – Mix mode: muscle toning and enhancement

PDF user manual is available for download from our website.

Vibration Plate Frequency Vibration Plate Frequency

[Resonance Frequency]

Different vibration frequencies have different impacts on the human body. The vibration frequency value represents the level of energy stored within the vibration. The higher the frequency, the higher the energy stored.

When using a vibration machine, vibration energy is transferred from the vibration machine to the the user. It is important to be aware that the energy received by the human body not only related to the level of energy stored within the vibration machine, but also related to how much energy is actually transferred from the vibration machine to the human body.

When the machine’s vibration frequency equals the natural frequency of a body tissue, the body tissue responds with the highest vibration amplitude. This phenomenon is called resonance. The frequency at resonance is called resonance frequency. At resonance, energy transfer from the vibration machine to the human body is most efficient.

VT003F’s frequency range is designed to achieve resonance effect on the body soft tissues. The natural frequency of human body soft tissue are mostly in the range from 10Hz – 50Hz. VT003F’s vibration frequency is adjustable from 15Hz to 40Hz, which works well with various muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin and blood vessels, able to achieve resonance with these soft tissues.


About 2% users of VT003F reported experiencing nausea or dizziness.

High frequency vibration has high degree of intensity on human body. Linear vibration does transmit vibration to the upper body and head. Vibration on stomach and head can make the people feel nauseous and dizzy.

New users please start with low frequency and low amplitude settings. You can gradually increase the frequency and switch to high amplitude after you get used to the vibration and begin to enjoy the benefits.

Always keep your knees bent when standing on the vibration plate. This will help adjust / reduce the amount of vibration transmitted to the upper body and head and easy the discomfort.

Visit www.vibrationcare.com for the discussion of vibration therapy.

Type of Movement

Linear Vibration

Pivotal Oscillation

Vibration Frequency

15 – 40 Hz

5 – 14 Hz

Max Amplitude

High 3mm / Low 1.5mm

10 mm

Amplitude Settings






Recommended Max Body Weight

264 LB

264 LB

Motor Power



Machine Weight

25.8 LBS

27.5 LBS

Machine Dimensions

22.2 x 19.1 x 6.3 Inches

24.8 x 15.7 x 4.5 Inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‏:‎No
Product Dimensions‏:‎22 x 19 x 7.1 inches; 30.75 Pounds
Date First Available‏:‎July 29, 2017

VT003F is a budget consumer grade linear vibration plate. High frequency and low amplitude. Tech specs and performance comparable to commercial grade linear vibration plates you see in gym. Compact and light weight designed for the convenience of home and office use. Over 8000 units sold. Quality, motion pattern and effectiveness well approved. Many life-changing stories. Most other consumer grade vibration plates on the market are pivotal oscillation type that can only run below 14Hz frequency.
A versatile machine with adjustable frequency (15-40Hz) and two amplitude settings accommodating various vibration exercise for therapy and fitness. Three built-in programs providing dynamic motion patterns for different applications. Frequency range designed to achieve resonance effect on soft tissues, allowing energy transferred most efficiently from machine to human body, maximizing skeleton muscle contraction effect, creating a unique stimulation on muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve and bone.
Built to last with sturdy structure and premium material. No assembly and no maintenance needed. Designed in an industrial style for simplification, reliability and serviceability. After years of effort of continuous improvement, VT003F’s manufacturing processes have become mature and consistent. A set of 4 anti-vibration pads included to reduce vibration transmitted to the floor. Visit our website detail product info including noise level, EMF, floor shake and other negative attributes.
Potential health benefits suggested in our product literature are not promised. Some users experience dizziness, nausea and other negative impacts. In a controlled manner, the mechanical stimulation created by a vibration plate is generally safe to human. Always start with the lowest intensity setting. Vibration therapy may not be suitable for certain medical conditions. Please do adequate research and consult medical professionals about the use of this type of vibration for your situation.
2 year warranty backed with exceptional customer service. No shipping charge and no any fee out of your pocket for any warranty service. 5000-hour motor life-span translates to 15 years of daily use before the motor carbon brushes need to be replaced. Parts and components are easily serviceable due to the industrial design. 30-day free return for refund or replacement. Please keep the machine and the packaging in good condition for the potential return for any reason. We really appreciate!

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