WalkingPad X21 Treadmill Review – The Most Compact Folding Treadmill!

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The WalkingPad X21 treadmill is an extremely compact model. We recommend it for users who live in apartments and condos, on upper-level floors, and who have only a small amount of space. The X21 has a unique double-folding mechanism that allows this treadmill to be stored in a closet or pushed against a wall, out of the way.

The WalkingPad X21 is best for walking only, although users with shorter running strides will be able to lightly jog on the deck as well. The 1.0 HP brushless motor is quiet and moves the belt from 1 mph up to 7.5 mph. It’s fairly quiet, too.

What makes the X21 unique is its double-folding mechanism. The deck folds in half and then folds again at the top of the deck to sit upright under the console and uprights. It reminds me of a large briefcase when folded. This technology takes the deck from around 56” long to only 9” long when folded.

Something to be aware of is that the area in the deck that folds can be felt underfoot when using the WalkingPad X21. It is noticeable, especially if you’ve used a treadmill before, however with time, most will probably get used to it. We did, after using the X21 for a bit.

The console and uprights remain in place when the X21 is folded and unfolded. The console is also built into the handle to display metrics like your time, distance, and speed. The center adjustment dial is pretty intuitive to use for adjusting the treadmill. You can also download the KS Fit App for free to track your workouts and adjust the treadmill with your phone.

If you’re looking for a small walking treadmill that can be stored out of sight, this is one to consider.

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