Your Fitness Path: Remove Obstacles You Put There

Fitness is a path you walk. Be sure you take your first step at square one- by removing obstacles. No more stubbing your toes-or worse, shooting yourself in your fitness foot.

Starting at square one, for this discussion, means restoring your body. Restore your body by eliminating edible evils, the food and drink choices you’re making, that wreak havoc with your body. Restoring your body enables you to better recognize hunger and feel satiated before you’ve consumed too much food.

Your walk will change entirely and be more enjoyable as soon as you remove all obstacles.

Two common categories of obstacles are fake sugars and cravage.

Cravage defined is food designed to drive cravings with little to no further regards- like good health, proper weight, or nutrition. Cravage only exists due to food scientists in a laboratory. It’s main purpose is to put money into somebody’s pocket.

Whole foods that are still in their original form need to comprise the majority of your groceries. Every item you purchase needs to make the buy vs. bye cut before crossing the finish line, before crossing the scanner at the checkout.

Fake sugars statistically will cause you to weigh more two years from now that you do right now and cravage is a budget leak at best.

You probably already intellectually know everything you should be doing to become healthier. But you probably haven’t experienced how easy it is and how good it feels, once you stop being stubborn and self-indulgent and walk the fitness path all day every day.

If you aren’t already doing what you know you should do, then ask yourself why you insist on shooting yourself in your fitness foot.

Choose to walk this beautiful path, making choices that are literally at your fingertips, choices that will propel you forward. Healthy choices will allow you to go skipping along on the path to good health.

Bad food temptations can become turn-offs. You can condition yourself to not want garbage food. Take these 2 steps in every time you’re tempted to make a bad food choice:

• Remind yourself that you love yourself and deserve goodness and health; then act like you mean it.

• Remember everything that goes with the bad choice, like heart disease and cellulite and keep it top of mind.

Stubbing your toe hurts. Shooting yourself in your fitness foot will slow you down and maybe stop you altogether.

Walking a path without stumbling actually feels good. Give yourself a chance.

The path is only difficult when you throw away your roadmap or try to walk in the dark without a flashlight.

Your map for your walk is your knowledge of what you know you should do.Your flashlight will turn on and provide needed light whenever you make the choices you know you should make, the choices that are at your personal fingertips and yours to make. Eliminating fake sugars and all cravage is how you carry fresh batteries for your flashlight.

Source by Frankie O’Brien

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